The ONLY 3 Parenting Books You'll Need in the First year! July 10 2015

You know how people always say "babies dont come with a manual"? Well, they must not have visited a bookshop lately, as the shelves creaking with parenting guides and baby "manuals"! There are thousands of books out there and choosing a few is quite a tough task. Here I share my top 3 book choices for new parents in the first year. The first two cover information on baby feeding, sleeping, clothing, teething, and illnesses etc but in a different way. Brain rule is more a psychological/neuroscience of brain development guide and offers recommendation on how to help babies development.

The first year with a new baby is the steepest of learning curves and I find it a lot more reassuring to turn to old fashioned "in your hand" reference than google. So here are my tried and trusted recommendation and the reasons why....


1. What to Expect The First Year - an all rounder on baby's first year

No surprise to see this title listed I'm sure. Though this wasn't nearly as well thumbed as my copy of its sister book "What To Expect When You're Expecting", it is a superb reference. Its simple non flustered and positive tone make it an accessible easy read and it covers all the major baby areas and some. However, it did feel like a bit of a weighty tome to be lugging around, though I still considered it an essential reference on issues of illness, teething and common baby ailments etc, ,though I didn't really use it as my "week to week" baby guide, more of a reference on specific issues. Which leads me nicely to my second choice.


2. Your Baby Week By Week- My Desert Island Baby Book 

This is my desert island baby book, so to speak. It was my go to book for all of year one. Frank and informative, in week by week bite sized sections perfect for exhausted parent of newborns, it cover the the 52 weeks in baby's first year in terms of your baby's feeding, sleeping and also postpartum information for mom. This is the easiest and most helpful of all the books I read and was on my bedside locker all year long. I cannot recommend it enough. Great guidance on common baby issues at various stages and also great milestone information. Want to know how much baby should be drinking/sleeping/poo-ing/waking by week 10? This book will tell you in 60 seconds. Really nicely written,sympathetic and engaging, as if your  best friend was chatting you through it. 


3. Brain Rules for Baby- what neuroscience can tell us about how our baby's brain develops

This book amazed me as there really are so few science or evidence based books about baby/child development. What’s the single most important thing you can do during pregnancy? How much TV is OK for a baby? Should you praise success or effort? Look at the science behind each of these questions and look at how a baby's genetics "seed" and environment "soil" can shape them. Inspiring reading, and I was quoting facts in from it for weeks after. But beware, the parenting bar set by this book is quite high, though the author shares his own amusing family insights and examples. I hope these 3 recommendations are useful for new or expectant parents. Feel free to share your own suggestions. 

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